Have a Creative Title

Let’s quickly look at some of the best business names. These titles do some really cool things with very little material. They inform the consumer about the business, use humor to garner attention, and have a funny, unique title that can be memorable so people tell their friends about the location. See? Three key points of marketing all in the name. Now onto some examples:

Thai Tanic. This restaurant sells Thai food but plays off one of the most well-known movies ever: Titanic. It is memorable, funny, and you know what type of restaurant it is at a glance.

Wichcraft. This sandwich shop uses creativity to tell people what they sell. The “wich” refers to sandwiches while the “craft” is meant to inform customers that the sandwiches are a cut above the rest.

Sleeve a Message. This company sells custom cup sleeves for coffee or tea. The humorous title is a play on the phrase “leave a message” and is intended to stick in a consumer’s mind.

Bits & PCs. This computer store readily tells people it deals with technology but it remains funny because after a moment of thought, you can see that the name plays off the phrase “bits and pieces.”

What is takes to be a criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyers is the title for those professionals who act as the defense in the courtroom. They prevent the government from falsely convicting those accused of crimes. Their pay rates can be very high under the right circumstances, but it takes some special talent to be a defense lawyer.

For one, defense lawyers work very long and very odd hours. They might spend all day at the office doing research and paperwork only to spend the evening visiting clients and looking for evidence. Even if they are highly efficient at the office, their work demands their attention at non-regular times.

Criminal lawyers also need to meet clients in weird places. They commonly make visits to hospitals and jails. They need to gather information from injured clients or people that have been arrested. They certainly don’t get to arrange all their meetings in their conference rooms.

A third thing sets defense attorneys apart: they need to understand a wide range of subjects. Their field demands they can defend cases involving murder or drug offenses, but they must also be able to argue cases dealing with sex crimes, theft, and white collar crimes like embezzlement.

Lawyers must be smart, not only to pass the bar exam but to learn the differences between a bail bond hearing and a revocation hearing. On top of it all, they handle multiple cases at a time and must be proficient enough at each to win.

*This information is based on a criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, MO*