Bryzos is the New Amazon for Steel

Bryzos is a new online marketplace that helps buyers and sellers reach sales but taking a closer look shows that they way more than just that. The unique aspect of Bryzos is that it help facilitates the sales of steel. It could be a steel pipe, tube, coil, or fittings. Bryzos offers a different range of steel specifications like API 5L. Bryzos was started by steel industry veterans who wanted to change the way steel was sold. The Bryzos option is different from Amazon and eBay in that the platform offers its buyers options. There are two different ways to buy such as search listings and Bid Blaster.

The Bid Blaster is an online negotiating system which was designed to be a system to show how steel should be sold forever. The Blaster will help create buyer confidence and drive the marketplace because steel is a live market. Listings tend to be outdated the moment they are posted. There are a couple steps required when using the Bryzos Bid Blaster such as entering your Bill of Material (BOM), entering details about the deal being made, and ending with submitting the BOM to the marketplace. Once this step is finished, endless amounts of suppliers will try to compete for your business. You will be able to receive quotas back from suppliers which will narrow down options for your needs. The buyer will be able to reject, counter, or accept offers from sellers as they please. One important feature of the Blaster is that the BOM has a time limit so the deal benefits the buyer and the seller. Bryzos is here to fit the needs of the buyer and seller so a deal can be taken place. Bryzos is transforming how steel pipe and flanges exchanges are taking place which benefits both sides of a consumer.


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