Let’s quickly look at some of the best business names. These titles do some really cool things with very little material. They inform the consumer about the business, use humor to garner attention and have a funny, unique title that can be memorable so people tell their friends about the location. See? Three key points of marketing all in the name. Now onto some examples:

Thai Tanic. This restaurant sells Thai food but plays off one of the most well-known movies ever: Titanic. It is memorable, funny, and you know what type of restaurant it is at a glance.

Wichcraft. This sandwich shop uses creativity to tell people what they sell. The “wich” refers to sandwiches while the “craft” is meant to inform customers that the sandwiches are a cut above the rest.

Sleeve a Message. This company sells custom coffee sleeves for beverages as well as custom coasters. The humorous title is a play on the phrase “leave a message” and is intended to stick in a consumer’s mind.

Bits & PCs. This computer store readily tells people it deals with technology but it remains funny because, after a moment of thought, you can see that the name plays off the phrase “bits and pieces.”

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